Shop Responsibly!

Since the 2018 Overshoot Day - which marks the date when humanity has already consumed the annual Earth’s resources - fashion and sustainability became again a hot topic. 

The fast fashion has a huge negative impact on the planet and as convenient as it can be to buy cheap clothes, it comes with a major environmental cost to pay.

Here at Juliet Herrera, we live by Vivienne Westwood’s motto: ‘Buy less. Choose Well. Make it last.”

This is why we are committed to creating quality trousers that are made to last. 

Our Signature Trousers were designed with the idea in mind of giving women not only a pair of trousers that fit perfectly, but also a quality garment with a timeless design that they will be able to use and reuse.

A first, small step we can do to leave in a more sustainable way and help the planet, is to buy fewer clothes but with better quality. Livia Firth, the founder of Eco Age, launched the #30wears campaign, asking women to only buy garments that they would wear at least 30 times.


We are sure that trousers like our Emmeline, Anne and Coco, that are great as wardrobe staples and come in colours that will never go out of fashion, will be worn maybe even more than 30 times.


Shop responsibly! 

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