The Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner and people, including me, are all rushing around to get the best presents.


If you want to buy something special but have no ideas, here is my own gift guide with perfectly fitted trousers for all the great women in your life.


The Best-Dressed in the Office

Some girls live by the "Dress to Impress" mantra and even in a boardroom they are always on point. 

They will love Audrey by Juliet Herrera, a simple yet elegant pair of trousers that will leave all her colleagues speechless:


The Partygoer

Wearing dresses is nice, but sometimes trousers make the best party outfit. 

The ideal present is a pair of trousers like Jackie by Juliet Herrera. Black, with raffles and shiny details, they will become a party girl's best friend. 


The Creative

For the artist of your girls' squad, you need to look for something with personality. Frida by Juliet Herrera is the answer, its frills and embroideries will make your present stand out.


The Stylish Mum

Every woman deserves a pair of comfy and classy trousers. Coco by Juliet Herrera ticks all the boxes: it fits like a glove and has a smart flare cut that makes it perfect for every occasion, be it a tea with other mums or a dinner in a fancy restaurant. 


Don't forget to buy a present for yourself! My suggestion?

Our best seller Emmeline:

Chic, fitted and appropriate for every occasion.



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