The Perfect Airport Outfit

Finally, November is here and London is starting to show its Autumn colours once again.

This month is going to be extremely busy for me as I'll be travelling around Europe for business, so I wanted to share my tips on how to create a comfortable but trendy airport-approved outfit! 

(In the picture: Coco in burgundy.)


- I always wear trousers. As cosy as a dress may be, planes get really cold because of the constant air conditioning and I prefer to stay warm and covered.


- T-Shirt & jumper is always a great combination. It allows me to stay stylish and comfortable during the whole journey.


- Sneakers are essential. High heels look great in the VIPs' airport pictures but trust me, you would rather run around with flat shoes than trip over your luggage on a 5-inch pair of heels. 

Here are my airport essentials, what is your on-the-go outfit? 


P.S. don't forget a pair of sunglasses, you will need them for the usual plane nap! 

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