The Power of Trousers

Today, there is nothing surprising about women going to work wearing trousers, yet this modern wardrobe essential was also a fundamental tool in supporting female empowerment. 

Our first collection, ‘Timeless Empowerment´ was inspired by and celebrates this power that trousers gave to women.

We wanted to dive into the atmosphere and vibe of the 1970s, when women became a genuine part of the workforce and the trouser, even if still very masculine, started to be socially acceptable as a feminine garment.

Prior to the 1960s and ´70s, women did wear trousers, but they were either frowned upon or connected to particular circumstances including wartime attire as women carried out many workplace roles including factory work while men were at war. 

The jeans boom followed with famous designers like Yves Saint Laurent and icons such as Jackie O’ and Audrey Hepburn contributing to popularising the trousers as well as jeans. It was a real fashion revolution which freed and provided empowerment to women all around the world. 

The vintage style of our campaign is our homage to this moment in time and our way to celebrate our source of inspiration, while creating a timeless workwear piece that also enhances the female figure.

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