Juliet Herrera was created based on Juliet’s belief that good is not enough, it needs to fit perfect. Through understanding the challenges that most women face when searching for clothing to fit their body shape, we are creating quality, stylish clothing for women of all body shapes.


We are an inclusive brand, set to reinvent fashion essentials designed to fit and enhance a woman's body regardless of their shape. Our pieces are also designed with special figure enhancing cuts to inspire and empower women to feel more confident in all of our clothing.
Our brand fights against the ongoing challenge in the fashion industry of finding that perfect fit.

Meet Juliet

After 20 years in the fashion industry and specifically in fit, Juliet Herrera is creating a revolutionary brand of clothing set to enhance the shopping experience of women across all body shapes.

LCF Ambassador

As ambassador of the London College of Fashion, I will hold workshops specifically for the local community including sewing classes and will share my personal journey to help motivate those interested in startng their own fashion brand.