A Perfect Fit by Juliet Herrera was created based on Juliet´s belief that good is not enough, it needs to fit perfectly. 


This belief paired with Juliet´s expertise stemming from a successful 20 years career in fashion has resulted in an innovative collection of trousers for women. The trousers have an exceptional fit and a push-up effect only achieved through the unique and creative cut of the trousers to flatter women of all body shapes.


The collection is designed in London and made with particular care by artisans from Portugal. Seeking to find the best of the best, always setting quality, service and trust above price. Our brand takes time to get to know personally the people behind the product making. Every pair of trousers are unique and have a (im)perfect touch of craftsmanship details and precision, allowing to achieve a sophisticated look.


We take the fashion environmental impact very seriously and we want to contribute to the slow fashion revolution by providing our customers with high-quality and timeless design clothes that can be worn many times.

We are proud partners of the reGAIN App,  that allows you to recycle your unwanted clothes and rewards you with a 20% discount on our trousers.

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