Through understanding the challenge  that many women face when searching for clothes, combined with 20 years in the fashion industry, Juliet Herrera developed a revolutionary product designed to flatter the body of women and reinvent a classic wardrobe staple.



"Good is not enough, it needs to fit perfectly"  


We value the (im)perfections of our handmade products and use this concept to create a unique personal touch on every garment produced. 
"we want to be truly inclusive - everyone deserves to have trousers that fit perfectly."



Our brand´s philosophy is prioritised by fit, comfort and style. With our creative cut, that is exactly what we offer



We support the slow fashion movement by using the finest fabrics to create timeless garments.






  “I have always found, as many women do, a challenge to find a stylish trouser with the perfect fit. My collection offers a solution to this.”






We are an inclusive brand, set to reinvent fashion essentials that enhance a woman´s natural body regardless of their shape. We provide clothes designed with a special cut in order to inspire and empower women to feel more confident in their natural body shape. Our brand fights against the ongoing challenge in the fashion industry of finding a perfect fit.