Our Materials

We use deadstock fabrics and recycled, organic, and sustainable fibres in our collections.

Our production


For us, ethical and fashion co-exist beautifully. Juliet personally develops all elements of her collections from design to small batch production from her London based studio to achieve premium and timeless products with a personal touch. Producing locally also reduces our waste, minimises our carbon footprint and maximises quality control over our productions.

Waste Impact

To minimise waste and avoid unsold products, we buy small and make only what we need. We use the craft of fabrics leftover from other pieces to produce Scrunchies, giving new life to fabrics that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

As part of our commitment to the circular economy, we design with longevity in mind and an ambition for our garments to remain in perpetual cycles of use and reuse. Our partnership with ReGain offers recycling opportunities to all of our customers.

Social Conscious

While also valuing the (im)perfect design of handmade details, we support ethical craftsmanship and working conditions for all workers. We actively support our local community of Poplar by providing work shops and providing work placements and internships in attempt to inspire and promote skills and employment.