Colombian born, Spanish national and London residing, Juliet Herrera's lifetime passion for creativity and design stemmed from early beginnings surrounded by tasteful art and family traditions.

Combined forms of art like music, dance and painting, contribute to the comprehensive designer she has become today. A proficiency which she has had the opportunity to apply accumulated knowledge to, since early childhood and during her time in industry.
Juliet developed a career in the fashion world, which began in her native Colombia. Later, moving to Spain, she specialised in bespoke clothing and limited editions, all created with incredible attention to detail, making each and every piece truly unique.

Juliet personally develops all elements of her collections from design to pre-production samples, producing in small batches from her London based studio to achieve premium and timeless products with a personal touch. Always with longevity in mind, Juliet's ambition for her garments is to remain in perpetual cycles of use and reuse.

LCF Ambassador

As ambassador of the London College of Fashion, I will hold workshops specifically for the local community of Poplar, including sewing classes and will share my personal journey to help motivate those interested in starting their own fashion brand.